Sunday, 24 October 2010

Nadine Coyle - Chained

Here's an EXCLUSIVE for our new 2nd Adventure fans! Since the launch is just over a week away (November 1st), we decided that we'd treat you to a fabulous new mix of an up-coming Nadine Coyle track 'Chained'. We think it's great and we hope you like our new spin in this new record.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wanna Hear Something Amazing?

Then look no further! As you know OLM-Remix is coming to end, but fear not as we're transforming into brand new remix line 2nd Adventure. We're launching in a couple of weeks in November and you can hear clips of 4 new mixes we've recently done below!

Friday, 1 October 2010

A New Adventure Begins...

After nearly 4 amazing years of OLM-Remix, it's unfortunately time to bring this project to a close. However we're not really going anywhere as I'm starting a brand new remix line 2nd Adventure.

2nd Adventure will see a completely different system to the current OLM-Remix one, and you'll be pleased to know you'll be able to get your hands on the brand new mixes as soon as they're done! How cool! 2nd Adventure will launch in a couple of weeks time.

I would like to thank everyone who downloaded something from OLM-Remix over the past 3+ years, and you've helped us get 1000's of downloads, and a lot of recognition. And that's down to you lot downloading all the latest releases, singles, albums, you name it.

In effect, that also cancels all upcoming releases for OLM-Remix too, however the mixes made for the 2011 OLM-Remix album will of course be polished up and given a coating of 2nd Adventure magic.

For those who still want to explore the OLM-Remix website after 2nd Adventure launches, you'll still be able to as I'm not closing the site, or any other affiliated sites and blogs too. Below is all of the new addresses you'll need to start your new fix - 2nd Adventure.