Saturday, 31 January 2009

Up - The Saturdays

Here are my very popular remixes of 'Up!' by The Saturdays. This mix was made available on the official website due to high demand.

'Up!', Exclusive Dowload Package [October 2008]
01. Up! [OLM's Main Intersection Radio Edit]
02. Up! [OLM's Main Interection Remix]

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Walk This Way - Sugababes vs Girls Aloud

This is OLM-Remixes 4th single 'Walk This Way' with Girls Aloud & Sugababes. The 2 CD's also contains 'Sexy! No No No...' and 'Grafitti My Soul' mixes by Girls Aloud, and a 'Push The Button' mix and a 'Change' single medley by the Sugababes.

'Walk This Way', CD1 [October 2008]
01. Walk This Way [OLM's Bossy Radio Edit] - Sugababes vs Girls Aloud
02. Sexy! No No No... [OLM's D-D-Dirty Style Remix] - Girls Aloud

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'Walk This Way', MAXI CD [October 2008]
01. Walk This Way [OLM's Remix] - Sugababes vs Girls Aloud
02. OLM's 'Change' Single Medley - Sugababes
03. Push The Button [OLM's Push-o-matic Remix] - Sugababes
04. Grafiitti My Soul [OLM's W.I.P Radio Edit] - Girls Aloud

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Britney - Break The Ice

Here is OLM-Remixes 3rd single 'Break The Ice' which includes my remixes for 'Break The Ice', 'Piece Of Me' and 'Toxic'.

'Break The Ice' CD1, [September 2008]
01. Break The Ice [OLM's Artic House Frozen Radio Edit]
02. Piece of Me [OLM's American Dream Dance Mix]

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'Break The Ice' MAXI CD, [September 2008]
01. Break The Ice [OLM's "Ice Ice Baby" Intro Mix]
02. Break The Ice [OLM's Artic House Mix]
03. Toxic [OLM's Acid Rainstorm Edit]

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

OLM-Remix @ Blogspot Opens on....

I can now reveal that this blog will officialy open on Sunday 1st February 2009! I'll post my mixes to Britney's 'Break The Ice' (March 08), Girls Aloud & Sugababe's 'Walk This Way' (October 08) and The Saturdays 'Up!'. Also my seccond album 'Dust 2 Gold' will also be uploaded. I'll also be posting the all new Download Bundles - the first one is out on 1st February!

The site will have a minor layout change too. & over at OLM-Remix Official, a new layout will be installed and the new Download Store will be put into place.

Find out more on


Monday, 12 January 2009

Baby Don't Dance - Steps

Here are the mixes i have done for Steps' last single 'Baby Dont Dance'. The remix is featured on OLM-Remix's seccond album 'Dust 2 Gold' and is the third single to be lifted from it. The download links are below, along with the tracklists and cover art. Download now for free!

Download Now!

01. Baby Don't Dance (OLM's Synth & Techno Radio Edit) - Steps
02. OLM's 'Dust 2 Gold' Album Medley - Various Artists

CD2 (Club Mix Edition) : Download Now! *Link Fixed*

01. Baby Don't Dance (OLM's Synth & Techno Remix) - Steps
02. Baby Don't Dance (OLM's Extended Synth & Techno Remix) - Steps
03. Baby Don't Dance (OLM's 2009 Sleazesisters Remix) - Steps
04. Baby Don't Dance (OLM's W.I.P "Stutter" Remix) - Steps