Friday, 21 August 2009



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The Forum is now more informative than ever before! The old forum at had it's limitations, where as this brand new forum (courtesy of SMF For Free) now lets you create your own account, and personalize it with you're own avitar and display name.

There are various boards on the forum for you. In 'The Release' board, you can find out about the release, chat about it, and even download it (if it's still available). You can also sit back and watch all of OLM-Remixes videos from 2007+ so you might want to grab yourself some popcorn! There's a General Chit-Chat area, or more formally known as 'The Lounge' where you can talk about anything really! You can check up on the latest OLM-Remix Official news too if your web browser is mean and wont let you view


Monday, 17 August 2009

Girls Aloud - OLM's Medleys

Here is the latest Download Bundle - it's Girls Aloud. Packed with 6 medleys i've made. 5 of them are oldies, and track number 6 is new, and rather good!

01. Something Kinda Ooooh vs Sexy! No No No... (OLM's Tony Lamezma Medley)
02. Sexy! No No No... vs Something Kinda Ooooh (OLM's "Something Sexy" Medley)
03. Wake Me Up / Walk This Way (OLM's 2008 Tangled Up Tour Medley)
04. Wild Horses / Wake Me Up (OLM's Chemistry Tour Medley)
05. Here We Go / Graffiti My Soul (OLM's Neighbours Medley)
06. OLM's Midtempo Medley*
*includes Call The Shots, The Loving Kind and Untouchable.

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Saturday, 1 August 2009

OLM-Remix Supports the 'Girls Aloud Australia Campaign'

As you know, this year we are the official supports of the Girls Aloud Australia Campaign which was really successful last year in getting 'Call The Shots' into the Austalian chart.

Download 'The Promise' between August 2-9 and forward your iTunes receipts to to gain access to exclusive live tracks, remixes and more! You'll also be in with a chance to have any GA album shipped to your door free of charge. For each download shown on your receipt, you will receive 1 of the following tracks:

1. Something Kinda Ooooh
2. OLM's Tony Lamezma Tangled Up Megamix
3. Something Kinda Ooooh (Acoustic Version Live at the Local)
4. Singapore
5. Girls on 45 Megamix
6. Revolution In The Head (OLM's 'Out of Control' Tour Studio Mix)
7. Biology (Live at Wembley)

This service will only be available to Austalian customers but they're will be a chance to get your mitts on 'Revolution in The Head (OLM's Out of Control Tour Studio Mix)' at a latter date.