Thursday, 23 July 2009

La Roux - Bulletproof

If you're a fan of La Roux and her new #1 single 'Bulletproof' (or even if you're not...) please take time out for 2 minutes to vote for my remix in her remix contest which closes in the next coming days and I would apreciate you're help and support.

If you go to this adress and click on 'Vote for The Mixes' then there is currently 4 pages of mixes. Mine is currently on the seccond page and at no #10. When you've found my mix which is called 'BULLETPROOF [OLM'S BODY ARMOUR RADIO EDIT]' click the heart to the right to seccure the vote.

I would like to thankyou very much if you voted :)

Here's the link again incase you missed it the first time round:

Steps - Stomp

Here is my download bundle for Steps' 'Stomp'. Contains some of my edits for the W.I.P mixes that were made between 2007 and 2008.

01. Stomp (OLM's W.I.P Creating An Intro Mix)
02. Stomp (OLM's W.I.P Radio Mix)
03. Stomp (OLM's Extended Mix)
04. Stomp (OLM's TV Version)
05. Stomp (OLM's W.I.P Gold Tour Mix)

(Download link is in the comments section below)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

OLM-Remix Confirmed as Official 'Girls Aloud Australia' Supporters.

[01] OLM-Remix Confirmed as Official 'Girls Aloud Australia' Supporters.
OLM-Remix is expanding and heading over-seas to promote our awsome mixes and give a helping hand to the Girls Aloud Australia Campaign. We have kindly donated two new amazing mixes for the campaign which will be available from 2nd - 9th August 2009 available via iTunes Astralia. The way it will work is you purchase a Girls Aloud track from the iTunes store, forward your reciept to a special adress to proove the purchase (this will be given out at a later date) and you will be sent an extra track (An OLM-Remix mix) as a special thankyou for supporting the campaign. More news to follow soon.
(More on this soon as the current system may change).

Source: OLM-Remix Official.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (OLM's Operation: Anthem Video Mix) [HD]

Here is OLM-Remixes video to the new single 'Bleeding Love' out Monday 24th August 2009 for free download via OLM-Remix Official.