Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Various Artists - Playback (UK Special Edition)

Here is the Special Edition of our album 'Playback'. New tracks includes new re-remix of Girls Alouds 'Untouchable', Britneys latest single '3' and Lady Gaga's #1 smash 'Poker Face'. Download link in comments section below.

01. Bleeding Love [OLM's Operation: Anthem Mix] - Leona Lewis 7:48
02. Single Ladies [OLM's Single Soul Club Mix] - Beyonce 8:12
03. Work [OLM's PVC Club Mix] - The Saturdays 7:14
04. If This Is Love [OLM's Lovemaker Mix] - The Saturdays 6:26
05. Never Get Over You [OLM's Club Mix] - Steps 6:54
06. Revolution In The Head [OLM's Ass Shakin' Club Mix] - Girls Aloud 6:16
07. Untouchable [OLM's Cloud 9 Club Mix] - Girls Aloud 7:30
08. I Gotta Feeling [OLM's "Party Every Day" Mix] - The Black Eyed Peas 6:41
09. Bulletproof [OLM's Body Armour Mix] - La Roux 7:04
10. If U See Amy [OLM's Club: Amy Mix] - Britney Spears 6:31
11. Radar [OLM's 2009 Club Mix] - Britney Spears 7:23
12. I Kissed A Girl [OLM's "So Kissable" Edit] - Katy Perry 5:02
13. Hot & Cold [OLM's Electric Summer Mix] - Katy Perry 7:23
14. Whatcha Think About That? [OLM's Questioning Club Mix] - The Pussycat Dolls 6:15
15. Untouchable [OLM's 2010 Anthem Edit] - Girls Aloud 6:36
16. 3 [Vortex & OLM's 'Innocent Till Proven Guilty' Mix] - Britney Spears 8:22
17. (UK Bonus Track) Poker Face [OLM's Casino Club Mix] - Lady Gaga 6:49
Download link in Comments section below.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Get Your Question Answered!

Be A Part of 'Hardback'
Next month will see the release of our first ever book titled 'Hardback' and we want to include the most important people in it - you, the fans. We want to hear your questions about the last 3 Years of OLM-Remix and you may just get it answered in the book, for everyone to read! To send in your question, submit it in the Chat Box (to the left). Happy questioning!